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We have a large inventory of calibrated gemstones of all types, available in many cuts and sizes at the best prices.

We have a large invetory of calibrated gemstones of all types, available in many cuts and sizes at the best prices.


PrimaGems has a large inventory of calibration in stock with the ability to cut gemstones from rough for specific orders. Stones can be cut based on specific requirements or CAD drawings sent to us.

Most stones are available from 1.0 mm and can go as high up as 10 mm. The bigger sizes are subject to the nature of the stone.

We have a factory in India for commercial cutting in larger quantities and a factory in Sri Lanka for precision cutting.

We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards in the industry, working only with the very best manufacturers in the market.

We never compromise on quality and ensure our products pass strict regulations. We guarantee our customers’ satisfaction, however, if for some reason you’re not pleased with a product please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.



Certain stones have various shades of saturation – from light to dark while others have multiple shades of color.

  • At Prima Gems we deal in all shades of every gemstone. We buy directly from the miners and each parcel of rough comes with a variety of shades and colors depending on the material.
  • Our expert Quality Control team can separate material based on the slightest variations.
  • By working with us you can expect to get the exact color and saturation you need for your project.
  • Contact us to see specific tables for examples.


Our expert cutters are able to use any cutting style of your order.

  • Diamond Cut: most sizes below 3.0 mm are always cut in a diamond cutting style on a machine.
  • Portuguese Cut: anything above 3.0 mm is cut in a hybrid Portuguese style with lots of facets on the cutlet. This is usually done in order to conserve the color.
  • Step Cut: occasionally we cut certain darker gemstones into step cuts to brighten the color. This is usually done in fancy shapes such as ovals and long cushions.
  • Checkerboard Top: another special type of cutting we do is the checkerboard top style cutting. This is usually a good cut to get extra refraction from a gemstone or to hide inclusions.


AAA, AA & A.

  • AAA is loupe clean or eye clean quality. Basically, the best you can find for any stone.
  • AA will provide a good combination of a high quality product with good pricing. It is one step below the best clarity you can find.
  • A is for commercial orders and the clarity can be customized based on budget. For example – no surface reaching inclusions although inclusions are ok.