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535 5th Ave 27th Fl, New York, NY 10017, USA
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We Know Brilliance! We Know Brilliance!

We are an international wholesaler of premium gemstones, based out of New York city.

Prima Gems was established by a family of entrepreneurs with a passion for color gemstones and jewelry over 40 years ago. What started off small in Kenya and Tanzania, expanded to Malawi, Madagascar, Mozambique, Congo, Ethiopia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and last but not least to the USA. At Prima Gems USA, we strive to produce the finest quality of gemstones for the North American and global markets. We have been leading the local industry in customer approval and strive to continue providing world class service for every contract, large or small.

Our Products

Prima Gems USA provides a wide variety of premium gemstones. From East African gemstones, which is the foundation of our business, to North American gemstones, expanding to global gemstones from all around the world!


This is the foundation of our business. We started our business in Voi, Kenya dealing with Tsavorite coming out of the Taita-Taveta Hills and eventually moved to Arusha, Tanzania dealing in Tanzanite coming out of the Merelani Hills and eventually with all other gemstones being mined in East Africa.


With the office in New York, we have taken our knowledge and expertise gained in Africa and have applied it to various mines in North America. We are now avid dealers of Montana Sapphire, Oregon Sunstone, Arizona Peridot, Arkansas Turquoise and Quartz, Mexican Fire Opals etc.


As many of you know, we are not restricted to any particular region, in fact we deal with all major gemstone deposits either directly or indirectly. Some of our prominent stones from around the world are Ceylon Sapphires, Cambodian Blue Zircon, Bolivian Ametrine, Burmese Peridot and Spinel.


Prima Gems has vast experience helping businesses and jewelry designers figure out which gems and cuts are better suited for their collections. We can help your gemstone dreams come true! Our specialists are always here to help.

If color stones are part of your design, we can help you in whatever you need. We specialize and stock all types of gemstones. If you have an existing mounting and love one of our stones, we can even have it re-cut or customized to your mounting.

If not, we can start from scratch and make you a center piece right from the rough, based on your requirements.

We are also able to source single stones that are not in inventory through our diverse supply chain.

If you need side stones or calibration stones for accents – we stock these as well.

We specialize in bulk production of gemstones on a small and large scale.

We have a diverse, extensive and quality-consistent network of select rough suppliers and miners that give us access to our products right from the source. Our In-house Cutters and our dedicated Quality Control Team have complete control over the product being delivered to clients. We can take care of the smallest details needed for bulk manufacturing, so that your final products can always look and feel the same. We ship worldwide and can deliver directly to your jewelry factory as well. What are you waiting for to get in touch?

We have an extensive selection of single and calibrated gemstones stocked and ready to ship from our New York office. Our Sales Associates and Account Managers are happy to work with you on what you need in an expedited manner. If one of our gemstones is not in stock, we can still order and provide a delivery estimation through our extensive supply chain both in the United States and abroad.


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